We, at the Teach Them To Fish Foundation, built our first primary school for 380 orphaned and underprivileged children and girls at risk of trafficking at Prey Phghues Village in rural Battambang Province, Cambodia. We inspected the site to insure it met our criteria for capital investment. In November 2007, we held our ground breaking ceremony. From November to March, the contractor laid the foundation and constructed the school building. In March 2008, we held our opening ceremony and the school officially opened for classes. At the opening ceremony, we turned ownership of the school over to the villagers. The Ministry of Education through the Provincial Governor, as authorized by the King of Cambodia, issued gold medals to our then Youth Advisory Commission members and Board of Trustees members, Morgan Sizemore and Chase Sizemore.  Thus, we began our first path of Building Schools in Cambodia.

We began our second path, Building Schools in Viet Nam, as a result of an unforeseen incident that occurred in July 2008.  While in route to Prey Phghues Primary School in rural Cambodia to deliver an emergency shipments of rice, textbooks, school supplies, clothing, and other supplies to the disadvantaged students and girls at risk for human trafficking, one of our Trustee members diverted his trip and laid-over in Ho Chi Minh City (“HCMC”) due to security concerns.  While in HCMC, our Trustee read an article in the Viet Nam News.  The article described the tragic death of three young boys, aged 11, 12 and 14, who stepped on an American war era landmine and died in Quang Tri Province. After reading the article, we contacted the Viet Nam Department of Foreign Affairs and committed to build an primary school to honor the three boys. To learn more about our school in Quang Tri Province, read Building Schools in Viet Nam.

Our third path, building schools in Uganda, began in China when one of our Trustee members watched a documentary about the AIDs epidemic in certain East African countries, paying particular attention to topics describing orphaned children of AIDS’ victims, the plight of these vulnerable children, and girls at risk for human trafficking who were ostracized by their communities and forced to live on the streets. Upon our Trustee returning to the United States, we decided to try to do our share to help these vulnerable children. We immediately began to search for a  suitable site to build our first primary school in eastern Africa.  Among the many proposals, we selected Kanyanga Village in Bukedea District, Uganda.  We held our opening ceremony on October 18, 2010. More than 500 children enrolled.  Read Building Schools in Uganda.

Today, the Teach Them To Fish Foundation continues its mission to help orphaned and underprivileged children and girls at risk of human trafficking by building primary schools in rural Cambodia and Uganda. We also assist children displaced during times of natural disasters by providing them with food, water, clothing, emergency medical supplies, and temporary schools.  Click on the following link to Get Involved with the Teach Them To Fish Foundation and make a global impact.



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