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According to the United Nations Food and  Agricultural Organization (“FAO”), as of 2021, between 702 and 828 million people worldwide do not have enough nutritious food to eat each day and consume less than the minimum calories essential for health and growth.

In particular, child hunger is a severe issue in many developing countries, including Cambodia and Uganda. According to the United Nations World Food Programme, Cambodia ranks 75th out of 129 countries in the Global Hunger Index, while Uganda is estimated to rank between 116th and 117st. Both countries have high child malnutrition and stunting rates, which have long-term consequences for a child’s health and development.

In rural Cambodia, poverty is a significant factor contributing to child hunger. Many families in rural areas rely on subsistence farming, which can be difficult due to poor soil quality, limited access to water, and unpredictable weather patterns. Additionally, many families lack access to education and healthcare, making it difficult to improve their economic situation. As a result, many children in rural Cambodia suffer from malnutrition, leading to stunted growth, weakened immune systems, and increased susceptibility to disease.

In Uganda, poverty and limited resources also cause child hunger. Many families in rural areas rely on subsistence farming but face challenges such as poor soil quality, limited access to water, and unreliable rainfall. Additionally, conflict and displacement in some parts of the country have disrupted food systems and made it difficult for families to access nutritious food. As a result, many children in rural Uganda suffer from malnutrition, severely affecting their health and development.

The Teach Them To Fish Foundation is working to address child hunger in vulnerable communities by building schools in Cambodia and building schools in Uganda for children who do not have schools to attend while emphasizing the importance of educating young girls at risk for human trafficking.

Education is essential in reducing poverty and increasing access to food and nutrition for children and their families. When the Teach Them To Fish Foundation educates children, they are more likely to find employment and earn a higher income, which can help their families afford more nutritious food. A study conducted in Uganda found that “education is associated with increased household food security” (Nuwagaba, 2017). Additionally, a study in Cambodia found that “education was one of the factors that significantly affected the nutritional status of children” (Semba et al., 2008).

The Teach Them To Fish Foundation’s schools promote good health and nutrition. Our schools provide students with meals and snacks, which help address malnutrition and hunger. For example, we have provided more than 100,000 meals for children, which has improved school attendance and performance.

Furthermore, our schools help improve children’s well-being in rural areas. Our schools provide a safe and supportive environment where children can learn and grow and can help to protect children from the risks of child labor, exploitation, and human trafficking. When children are healthy, safe, and educated, they can reach their full potential and contribute to the development of their communities. For example, a study in Uganda found that “education has a positive impact on child labor participation” (Ssewanyana et al., 2006).

The Teach Them To Fish Foundation can help to end child hunger by providing education, promoting good health and nutrition, and improving the overall well-being of children and their families. Often these families earn less than $2.00 a day. Depending on current prices, one donation of $500 can purchase 1 1/2 metric tons (1500 kg) of “grade 3” rice and feed 60 families for 30 days or 5 families for an entire year. It is difficult for students to learn and retain information while hungry. Please help us help vulnerable children to become better students. An educated community is an empowered community. Please DONATE TODAY.

In the United States, many individuals take their access to food for granted. However, millions of people around the world do not have the sustenance they need each day. Children are often the most affected demographic by malnutrition. At Teach Them To Fish Foundation, we take steps to help end child hunger, specifically in Cambodia and Uganda. Read on to learn more about our efforts and how you can help to end child hunger.

What Do We Do To End Child Hunger?

Unfortunately, starvation is often not an isolated issue. Instead, malnutrition is often coupled with a lack of education, weak immune systems, limited access to clean drinking water, and lack of healthcare access. One of the main ways we take steps to end child hunger is  to schools in Cambodia and build schools in Uganda for disadvantaged and orphaned children who do not have schools to attend while emphasizing the importance of educating girls at risk for human trafficking. Not only do children receive a much-needed education, but they also receive meals and snacks during school hours, which improves performance and attendance and ensures the children receive life sustaining food.

What Other Services Do We Offer?

Besides working to end child hunger, we also want to take care of other issues that arise in poverty, including lack of education and trafficking. Unfortunately, these issues often arise with girls in poverty, so we have programs to end trafficking of girls for sex, labor, or marriage.

One of the main ways to end trafficking is by providing girls with education and opportunities to learn and hold jobs.

Because they have the education and knowledge to get a job, these girls in poverty will not be forced to rely on their traffickers for provision. We have programs that seek to build schools in Cambodia and build schools in Uganda so that children can learn in a safely environment. These girls are getting an education in a real school made out of brick and mortar for the first time in their lives.

How Can You Help End Child Hunger?

One of the main ways that you can contribute to end child hunger for children in Cambodia and Uganda is by donating. By providing us with the funds to build more primary schools, we can provide meals and education for students, equipping them to get jobs in the future and informing them of the dangers of trafficking. Alternatively, your donation of $100 can feed a family of four for more than a month.

To donate to end child hunger or any of our other services, visit our Contact US page and ask any additional questions you may have. You can also donate directly online.

Thank you for contributing to the care of children in poverty around the world.

The Teach Them To Fish Foundation, Inc,

Chase Sizemore, Director


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