GPS Coordinates: 13°52’41.6N, 104°26’55.5”E


On an oppressively sultry and languid May 21st, 2023, we embarked on a pilgrimage back to Prey Khol Village, nestled within the verdant embrace of Vihear Province, Cambodia. The scorching sun cast its relentless gaze upon our weary frames, the air heavy with the weight of both anticipation and remembrance. It was a day set ablaze with purpose — a day we were called to witness the unfolding of a ceremonial tableau, meticulously crafted to honor the remarkable odyssey that led us here.


Prey Khol Primary School, a testament to unyielding perseverance, rose phoenix-like from the very heart of a land once veiled in the impenetrable shroud of the untamed jungle. We, the valiant pioneers, had carved out a haven of learning amidst the formidable wilderness, and now, we gathered once more to pay homage to the fruits of our labor. For within these humble walls, we had crafted more than mere bricks and mortar; we had fashioned a refuge, a sanctuary of learning and safety, where the vulnerable and orphaned children find solace.


In the crucible of sweat and toil, we had wrested triumph from the relentless clasp of adversity. Like alchemists of hope, we labored with unwavering resolve, pouring our very essence into the foundation stones. The searing sunrays, akin to molten fire, seeped into our skin as we wielded hammers and chisels, the rhythmic symphony of our efforts echoing amidst the dense foliage. Our hands, calloused and worn, yet fueled by an unquenchable passion, fashioned walls that defied nature’s resolute grip.


But our pursuit extended beyond the physical realm, for the tendrils of our hearts yearned to reach out and shape young lives, to mend the ruptured fabric of destiny. We had witnessed the harrowing shadows that cast themselves upon innocent souls, particularly young girls, perilously poised at the precipice of trafficking. It was a plague that consumed hope and devoured dreams, a malevolent force we were determined to combat. Thus, our mission assumed an ethereal purpose — a clarion call for the emancipation of knowledge, a resolute stance against the relentless tide of despair.


As we stood on the cusp of the opening ceremony, our spirits soared with a mingling of pride and humility, intertwined like ivy upon sturdy walls. Our legacy, born of an unshakable conviction, beckoned from the depths of time. May it withstand the ravages of fleeting years, an immutable testament to the indomitable spirit that propelled us forward. May it whisper its poignant narrative to the hearts of those who tread this school, a testament to the fortitude of our collective spirit and our unwavering commitment to serve the betterment of humanity.



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