Donate to Build Schools in Cambodia

Donate to Build Schools in Cambodia

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Cambodia is a developing nation and many people are interested in helping in one way or another. With the Teach Them to Fish Foundation, you can donate to build a school in Cambodia with five classrooms and separate boys and girls toilet facilities, made of “brick and mortar” for orphaned and disadvantaged children who do not have schools to attend and save girls at risk for human trafficking.

The cost to build a new five-room school building is $60,000 to $70,000 depending on the location of the school. The cost includes desks and chairs for the students and teachers plus blackboards in each classroom and tile floors. The cost also includes two boys’ and girls’ toilets, a flag pole, and an entrance gate. Donors will receive a national construction gold medal authorized by the King of Cambodia.

We work directly with the Cambodian Ministry of Education. Our contractors and building plans are reviewed and approved by the Ministry of Education, too.

With a safe learning environment, off the ground and protected from the elements, our students are able to focus on learning the skills they need to keep themselves safe and healthy and to grow out of poverty.

We have six primary schools already in Cambodia:

  • Prey Phghues Primary School: Located in Battambang Province, this school has the capacity to teach 380 children and is currently under renovation. The construction was deeply appreciated by the community.
  • Omaneash Primary School: Located in Banteay Srey District, Siem Reap Province. This school is attended by about 300 students.
  • O’Russey Primary School: Located in Oddar Meanchey Province. This school provides education to more than 300 children, including girls who are at risk for human trafficking.
  • Prey Kol Primary School: Located in Prey Kol Village in the jungles of Preah Vihear Province, near the Laotian border. This school hosts about 500 students.
  • Cheuteal Primary School #1: Located in Battambang Province. This school has a capacity of about 300 students.
  • Cheuteal Primary School #2: Located in Battambang Province. This school has a capacity of about 300 students.


We also have a number of additional schools under development. We have already helped thousands of orphaned and disadvantaged students and girls at risk for human trafficking and hope to be able to help thousands more.

According to the United Nations, just one year’s education for girls reduces infant mortality by 5% to 10%. Thus, the Teach Them to Fish Foundation provides one of the most valuable resources for orphaned and disadvantaged children in developing areas where over 75% of the population lives on less than two dollars ($2.00) a day — education.

Learn more about Cambodia below, or click the donate link at the top of this page to donate to our campaign for building schools in Cambodia. You can also call us at 202-253-9393 to find more ways to help.

Kingdom of Cambodia

Cambodia is a country in Southeast Asia with an area of approximately 181,035 km2 (69,898 miles2) and a population of over 14 million people. Thailand borders to the west and north. Laos borders to the north and northeast. Viet Nam borders to the east. The Gulf of Thailand is to the south. There are two major inland bodies of water, the Mekong River Tonlé Mékong, and Tonlé Sap Lake. Phnom Penh is the capital and the largest city.

Cambodian flag

Cambodia is a constitutional monarchy.  King Norodom Sihamoni is the Head of State.  Hun Sen is the Prime Minister.  Angkor Wat, a World Heritage site and main tourist destination, is depicted in white on the nation’s red and blue flag.

Cambodia’s official language is Khmer.  The United Nations reports Cambodia on its “Least Developed Countries” list.  Cambodia’s economy is mostly agrarian but exports clothing, timber, rubber, rice, fish, tobacco and footwear.  Buddhism is the official religion, practiced by nearly 96% of the population.

To learn more about Cambodia, read UN-ORHLLS’s profile on Cambodia and visit Cambodia’s official web site.



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