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Get Involved
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By building schools in rural Cambodia and Uganda and, then, encouraging parents to send their daughters to school, the Teach Them To Fish Foundation improves the lives of thousands of orphaned and impoverished children through education, eliminates poverty in developing countries, and, for each year a girl attends school, reduces infant mortality by 5%.  The Teach Them To Fish Foundation relies on your help to further these goals.

In our “Get Involved” section, we have provided online materials and resources for teachers who may wish to educate their students about the lives of students in the developing world (or, perhaps even may wish to begin fundraising within their classrooms) and organizations and individuals who may wish to donate, host a fundraising event and/or volunteer services.

Visit our What We Do page for updates on the Teach Them To Fish Foundation’s building schools in rural Cambodia and Uganda.

Please feel free to Contact Us.  We are here to answer your questions or address concerns regarding the Teach Them To Fish Foundation and our mission to improve education in the developing world.


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