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5 Non-Monetary Ways to Support Charity Organizations

When you think about donations that go to charity organizations, probably the first thing that comes into your mind is the finances. Nonetheless, you can still support charity organizations in many other ways that do not directly cost you money. Explore five non-monetary ways to offer help to charity groups below.

1. Donate Your Household Items

You always find yourself with rarely used household items that you no longer need, especially when you want to move. Donate the items in good shape; the organization could use or sell the goods to raise funds. You can donate household items like books, shoes, clothes, electronics, and even cars.

Do not worry about transportation means or cost if you have a lot of or large items. Many charity organizations will collect these. Also, if your donation is big enough, you can qualify for a tax deduction. Get a receipt from the organization and apply for the deduction.

2. Be a Social Media Advocate

Many charity organizations have Facebook, Instagram, and other social media accounts. Since you also spend time on social media, follow charity organizations and share their posts with your friends. You can also invite your family and people you know to follow and stay up to speed with the organization’s activities.

Each time you share a post, you increase the audience and reach other people who potentially want to help. You could also subscribe to emails, newsletters, and notifications to stay up to speed. If you do so, you can better tell when and how to help.

3. Shop With E-Commerce Sites That Support Charity

Many e-commerce sites support one or more charitable organizations from your purchases. For instance, Amazon donates 0.5% of eligible sales to help those in need. You can support an organization of your choice or those available on the site.

With e-commerce sites, all you need to do is identify one that supports your cause. You will not have to pay an extra fee other than what you plan to spend on your shopping. So, in the end, you stick to your budget and still make lives better for those who need your help.

4. Donate Your Time and Skills

Many charity organizations plan activities and events that need a workforce. For instance, you could help pitch tents, contact suppliers, and arrange seats for an event. If the charity organization hosts people, help with clean-ups or be present for recreational and educational sessions.

Some organizations always hire people to perform specific tasks that call for expertise. For example, you could volunteer and repair items if you are handy so the organization saves on labor costs. Also, the organization can sell some skilled expertise like arts and crafts work in exchange for money.

5. Pass on Gift Donations and Rewards

Memorable events like birthdays and anniversaries often attract gifts from your loved ones. Sometimes, people ask what to get you on your special day. So you can channel the gifts to help the needy or ask your friends and relatives to contribute to a charity organization directly.

Some credit cards let you donate your bonus points to charity. Since the rewards are a plus for you, not points you have budgeted, pass your bonus to help others in need. In other cases, you could even get a credit card specifically for charity work.

You can stick to your budget, save money, and still help charity organizations. So, follow the above tips to touch the lives of people in need. Also, if you would like to donate or contribute to a charity organization in any way, Teach Them to Fish Foundation appreciates all your efforts. Donations and contributions of any kind will go a long way to help students to get a better life.


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