Youth Advisory Committee

Meet two of our Youth Advisory Committee members, Morgan Sizemore and Chase Sizemore.

Morgan and Chase first became aware of the need to build schools in Cambodia and build schools in Uganda to help disadvantaged children who did not have schools to attend and save young girls at risk for human trafficking when their father, L. Chase Sizemore, showed them pictures of a water-well he donated in Takeo Province, Cambodia, for villagers whose previous source of drinking water had been from a nearby muddy river.

One picture, in particular, stood out among others. That picture depicted images of a three-generation family huddled together with young children splashing about in clean well water. Upon seeing these images of a different world than they knew, their father began to teach Morgan (aged 9) and Chase (aged 6) about their obligations to do their share to help repair the world, not because of generosity or magnanimous deeds, but simply as acts of justice and righteousness, the performance of every person’s duty.

Morgan’s and Chase’s father decided to make a difference in the lives of disadvantaged who did not have schools to attend and save young girls at risk of human trafficking. In December 2006, he chartered the Teach Them To Fish Foundation, Inc., a §501(c)(3) international economic development public charity, whose mission is to do its share to alleviate the unimaginable human suffering caused by extreme poverty and hunger in developing countries, by building schools in Cambodia and building schools in Uganda where over 75% of the population live on less than $2 a day and children do not have schools to attend.

Today, Morgan’s and Chase’s father continues to encourage his children to volunteer for the Teach Them To Fish Foundation as Youth Advisory Committee members.  Among other things, they participated in staffing fundraisers to help raise money for the foundation’s primary schools for disadvantaged children who do not have schools to attend and save young girls at risk for human trafficking in rural Cambodia and Uganda. With their father’s help, Morgan and Chase participated in overseas humanitarian missions including traveling to our primary school in Battambang Province, Cambodia, in 2014, to helped him to distribute emergency food, clothing, shoes, and school supplies for students and refugees that fled Thailand during the May 2014 Thai Military Coup and, during the same trip, traveled to Siem Reap Province, Cambodia, to inspect two prospective sites to build new primary schools, where they also purchased and distributed food for daily breakfasts, clothing, shoes, and school supplies for more than 500 children. (Depicted on this page are pictures of Morgan and Chase, as young children, on a humanitarian mission in 2010 with their father, purchasing non-perishable food items at a local market in Jerusalem and boxing relief packages for distribution to bombing victims in Israel. We chose to publish these pictures to show that young students, regardless of age, can help disadvantaged children whether locally at home or abroad. Additionally, Morgan and Chase advocated for the foundation on public service announcements aired on TV including the 2014 Winter Olympics with a renowned Olympic figure ice skater.

According to Morgan, Dartmouth College ’19: “One person really can make a difference in the world.”

Chase, Columbia University ’22 says: “It hasn’t been easy. I had to manage my time well. But, my sacrifices were nothing compared to the daily sufferings disadvantaged who do not have schools to attend and young girls at risk for human trafficking in rural Cambodia and Uganda endure. Their struggles serve as an inspiration for all of us to reach out and to help others whether locally, nationally, or globally. I  wish I had time to do more. It really makes me feel good inside to help our children.”


To learn more about our Youth Advisory Board and how you can volunteer and help change the lives of thousands of orphaned and impoverished children in rural Cambodia and Uganda while enabling girls to attend school for the first time in their lives, and impact future generations to come, read our Get Involved page and email us at



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